Here are a few of Pauls Reviews For different productions. Top of the list is Cinderella where he got rave reviews with his wonderful sister and friend.

If you want to see what his “Sister” is up to click on her hideous face below..if you dare..
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“Comic bliss as ugly sisters have a ball”
The show sets the house on a roar, and I have rarely seen a pair of ugly sisters who excited such loathing and appalled delight as Graham Hoadly (Bertrice) and Paul Burnham (Eugenie). Burnham as Eugenie, is tall, thin, screamingly camp and looks as though he has spent a long night in the seedier corners of Soho. Both are man mad…. The pair prove comic bliss, not least because they are truly terrifying.

Charles Spencer The Telegraph (Richmond Theatre)
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paul burnham

“Beverley and Burnham make it a Belter”
But it is Paul Burnham from Children’s BBC’s ‘Toonatics’ Who if truth be told, steals the show. His performance as Snow White’s best friend Muddles is hilarious and heart wrenching. From his slapstick capers with Odd Job to his final breathtaking rendition of ‘Since I don’t have You’, he never fails to hold the audiences afftections.

Mark Farnham Cambridge Evening Times

“Slick production still doing the business”
The star of the show is undoubtedly the dazzling (and that’s not just his teeth) Paul Burnham as the Teen Angel and silky Vince Fontaine. The pink ladies will go home happy.

Paul Butler The Leeds Grand

“Dick’s” delight”
and the excellent Paul Burnham who plays Idle Jack. In fact he really is the star of the show and even puts Day in the shadows. His popularity across the board is evident with youngsters and adults alike roaring with laughter.